The Tao of Badass Review – THIS IS WHAT WE FOUND OUT!!!

The Tao of Badass is a book written by Joshua Pellicer that has stirred up a lot of hype, both with young men and dating coaches all over the country. Although the only real way to know if the book is for you is to read it, this review will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding buying it.

The idea of a book intended to teach men how to be successful with women is nothing new. In fact, it is an ancient concept—so why does Mr. Pellicer think that his book has anything useful to contribute to the discussion? While it is not a free pass into a playboy lifestyle, it has been helping men all over improve their chances with women, and that alone is enough reason to learn more about it.

Joshua Pellicer – The Author

How can you be sure that a book is going to help you if you have never heard of the author? It’s a mighty good question, but one that needs to be evaluated thoroughly before reaching a conclusion. Take, for example, an article about dolphins written by a man you have never heard of before. Would you consider this to be a valuable source of information on dolphins? How about if the author was a leading marine biologist? All of a sudden it becomes a lot more logical to take this man’s advice on dolphins.

The same applies to Tao Dating System. You may have never heard of Josh, but he is a leading authority on dating, and while he may not have the clout that certain other popular pick up artists have, he does have quite a following and had his own radio show about dating women. A lot of major news sources have interviewed Mr. Pellicer due to the success of his book, including The New York Times, The Today Show, and even The Associated Press.

6.12.2012 UPDATE: My dear readers, I found great resource reviewing The Tao Of Badass dating program on popular dating site called ItsCharmingTime. Feel free to read the review and leave comments if you have anything to say about the topic.

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The concepts in The Badass Book

The actual ideas and concepts found within the pages of this book are not just random shreds of information compiled in neat paragraphs. Instead, everything in this book is completely new, developed by Joshua Pellicer from after a lot of experimentation. Only after failing numerous times at developing the perfect strategy can ideas of this caliber be developed.

In addition to the main concepts covered in the book, there are four bonus books that all cover unique information relevant to your cause. These four bonus books include discussion on polygamy, the friend zone, cheating, and breaking up, and are all packed with information and anecdotes.

What You Will Get From The Tao System of Badass – Read This!!

The pages in this course are packed with relevant information, but there are a few standout points that just about every guy could make use of in some situation. For example, in a public setting such as a bar or club, there are often a lot of other males competing for female attention. The book goes on to explain how you can not just eliminate the competition’s impact on your chances, but actually use other males around you to improve those chances!

Another lesson the book teaches you is how to get a woman to talk with you one on one. This is a very useful thing to know, as if you have any intentions of taking it further with a woman, you will undoubtedly need to converse in a private setting. However, making this happen can sometimes be difficult, as it can easily send off the wrong vibes and scare women off.

We all know how important being confident is when it comes to attracting members of the opposite sex, but did you know that it’s really just perceived confidence that matters? That means that while you may not be the most confident person, with a few adjustments to your behavior, you could potentially radiate confidence and pride. Believing you are confident, even if sometimes you are not, is enough to double your chances with women.

This book also decodes female body language in an easy to understand way. Everything from what her hands do to what she is looking at any given time can potentially help you figure out what she is thinking. Because of the importance that body language plays in dating, this section of the book is worth the purchase alone! Anyways here is the link to great PDF report called Attraction Flow Chart.

Cons of the book

It is important to realize that this review is impartial, and as a way to prove that, I’m going to take a look at some of the disadvantages of Joshua Pellicer’s program. Perhaps the most common complaint with the book is that it is too comprehensive. While this is true, a lot of people see this as an advantage. If the information is good, why not have more of it—it can’t do anything but help, right?

“It does require you to have the time and necessary electronic equipment to actually watch the DVD series. This isn’t a problem for most people, but books don’t require a computer, television or DVD player, much less privacy because you might be embarrassed what you’re watching.” portion of feedback from

“If you are completely unwilling to take any action, no matter how easy or simple, then don’t bother to buy this course.  You need to act on the information.” portion of feedback from, published July 2011

Another con of The Tao Book is the fact that it’s far from an overnight makeover. While some books claim to transform you in a day or two with a few key principles, this book is very detailed and focuses a lot more on teaching you how to modify your lifestyle to accommodate various principles, not just what they are.

While this is bad if you expect to become a dating god overnight, in my experience, that will never happen regardless of what book you buy. Instead, you should opt to go with something that will work in the long term so you can improve the future.

Pros of This Dating System:

“Engaging style. The Attraction System taps into the part of the male mind that wants to be cooler and more confident, and as such it keeps your interest.” portion of feedback from

“The Tao of Badass comes with a money-back guarantee. Once you invest in this series you aren’t necessarily committed for life.“ portion of feedback from

“The section I enjoyed the most was his body language techniques. I did not know there were positive, negative, and dominant body language. The 5 week mastery course focuses on eyes contact, voice tonality, negative body language, positive body language, and using touch to aid you in meeting women and seduction.“ portion of feedback from

“This was insanely helpfull and a great investment of my money and time, ive bought courses from carlos xuma, and john alanis and this is by far better.” portion of feedback from, published October 2011

Changed my life. That’s all there is to it. Not only can I approach a girl and get her to make out with me in 1 minute, I am also dating a swimsuit model/actor right now.” portion of feedback from, published July 2012

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Extra Books

As mentioned earlier, there are four bonus books included with this program, with each covering a different main topic. The first of these books is Monogamy v. Polygamy, the second is Never Get Cheated On, the third Escaping the Friend, and the last is Guide to Breaking Up. All of these extra books are comprehensive in their own right, and the titles are descriptive enough to give you a perfect idea of what’s going to be in the book.

11.8.2012 REVIEW UPDATE: Added the positive and also negative reviews I found online via various dating sites about The Tao Attraction System from Josh.

4.9.2012 UPDATE: We are getting lots of emails regarding where to buy The Complete Tao Attraction System so here is the answer: You can get the system by CLICKING HERE, then scroll down and click on “Click to Order Now”, Then “ADD to Cart”. You can get the product right after you pay, payment is processed through Clickbank, one of the largest retailers of digital products online. Make sure to note down your transaction number and receipt, so you can contact Clickbank in case you have problems with the purchase.

14 thoughts on “The Tao of Badass Review – THIS IS WHAT WE FOUND OUT!!!

    • Hey David, good question. There is money back guarantee, you just have to store your purchase receipt and then contact Clickbank, but you need to have reason you are not satisfied.

      Its not a magic bullet, you have to take action in order to benefit from the course.

      Just my 2 cents…

      • “…but you need to have reason you are not satisfied.”

        This is not true.

        If you want to cancel your Clickbank order, you DON’T need any reason to get full refund!

  1. To Jack:

    Yes, I bought it, downloaded the pdfs and I am reading and reading. There are some things that I knew, but some of this stuff is goood, I mean A Haaaaa moment good.

  2. I got this course a while back and it definitely changed my life in a positive way. I wouldn’t say I live like a Rock Star exactly but I kinda do now except without the money… I never go more than 2 days without getting laid by a hot new chick and sometimes much more often. The techniques in this course are definitely legit!!

  3. Does it have any information about maintaining relationships ? I have a ok time ” getting girls “but what about keeping your current relationship interesting to her, make her really WANTTTT you ?

  4. I’m not sure if I like the idea of encouraging men to be deceptive and manipulative in their persuit for sex. It’s made to seem like women are slump busting, self esteem boosts, good for nothing more than a good shag. I’m offended and a bit frightened. I’m all for encouraging better self esteem but at what cost? Women aren’t just targets, they are human beings and suffer just as many self esteem issues as men do, if not more. This seems irresponsible.

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