7 Things You Should Do Every Day to Make Her Fall in Love With You Again

If you’re like most men, you have properly made plenty of mistakes during your relationships with women throughout the years. You might think you have learned from your mistakes but the woman you are currently with may think differently.

Guys generally do not mean to mess up when they are together with a woman. Many men are very confused about why they seem to upset women because it was never their intention. Even after years of being in a number of relationships, some guys continue to make the same mistakes again and again.

Rather than messing this relationship up and adding it to the list of failures, take a look at the seven tips below that will make the woman you care about fall more in love with you every day.

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7 Things You Should Do Daily That Will Make the Woman of Your Dreams Fall In Love with You

1. Be confident.

I am sure you have heard it before and have no doubt that you will hear it again. This is because this is a very important factor when it comes to relationships. A man without confidence is not attractive to a woman; so you have to develop confidence in yourself. Faking confidence doesn’t work, at least not long-term. Once of the girl gets to know you a little she will see through the act.

If you have been faking or simply do not have self-confidence, you can most definitely improve your self-esteem by working on the issue. This needs to become a habit with you; something that you do every day of your life.

You can improve your self-confidence by improving skills that you already have. Make some notes on what you are good at. It could be that you are a valued member of the local football team, you might be extremely good at your job, or perhaps you have a hobby that you excel at. Acknowledge your skills in the areas that you have them, and try to improve them in areas where you lack. Little by little you will find your self-confidence improving.

Many men lack self-confidence due to a physical issue. It could be that you are overweight, perhaps you lost your hair at an early age, or maybe you are small in height. Any of these things can lead to a severe decline in self-confidence, but take heart because these perceived disadvantages actually give you a huge advantage when it comes down to attracting women. BTW, if you want to learn how to attract and keep hot girls, feel free to read all about The Tao Attraction System.

You have to realize that when a man who looks like a Greek God approaches a woman and is evidently confident, it is to be expected. This man was born with good genes and attractive looks; it is no wonder that he exudes self-confidence. However, when a man who isn’t so fortunate in the looks department shows high levels of self-confidence, women find this extremely attractive because it shows her that this man is powerful and has the mental gifts necessary to overcome problems and limitations.

2. Chivalry is Alive and Kicking.

While women are no longer the subversive creatures they were in the 50s, chivalry certainly is not dead. Most probably this is a myth that was started by a man who decided life may be easier if men did not have to show consideration and manners towards women. The more men who decide to go along with the concept that chivalry is dead, the better for you. A chivalrous man is hard to find these days, although it is a trait that women continue to find very attractive.

But, and it is a big but – there is a right way to be chivalrous and a wrong way. If when on a date, you pull out the chair for the girl and hold the door open for her, she will appreciate this. Having said that, she was also think that you are merely trying to impress as you are on a date.

The secret is to being truly chivalrous is to act that way because you feel it is the correct way. Your good manners should extend to all women regardless of their place in your life or their age. If you’re naturally chivalrous to older women your girl will find this is extremely endearing.

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3. Do Not Criticize.

The fastest way to kill a relationship is to be critical of your partner. Complaining and nagging is another nail in the relationship coffin every time.

Try to think of your relationship the same way you think of your bank account. Every time you do something good, such as being chivalrous or paying your partner a complement, it is like putting some money into the bank. On the flipside, every sarcastic remark or critical complaint is like withdrawing from your bank account.

The more negative your conversation towards your partner becomes, the more of a habit it also becomes, and eventually your bank account will be empty and slip into the negative. The situation will have become severe, the relationship will be in trouble, and you will be scratching your head wondering why.

There are far better ways to resolve an issue that you do not agree with without criticizing. Studies have found that positive reinforcement is much more likely to make another person modify their behavior rather than negative talk that will only drive your partner turn away.

Suffice to say, if you want your partner to feel good about herself and towards you, you need to drop the criticism and increase the compliments. Verbally appreciate the good things she does, and if she does something you do not like try your hardest not to complain or condemn her. You can criticize, but in a different way by reading The Tao of Badass Review

4. As Cindy Lauper pointed out in the popular 90s hit, girls just want to have fun.

If your relationship is becoming boring, don’t wait for her to take initiative – she can go off with her friends and have fun. It’s up to you to make the relationship more stimulating so she would rather be spending time with you.

Maybe you have been working too hard and taking things too seriously. It is important that you relax and are able to laugh at yourself. Even being goofy at times will bring the fun and laughter back into your relationship.

Try to remember how things were when you first began going out together. Try to bring the fun back in the time you spent together, as it was in the early days.

5. Be Interested in Her.

If you were to ask a group of girls what their biggest complaint was about their partners, a large percentage of them will tell you it is that their partners don’t listen to them. This does not mean that you have to sit for hours on end while she gossips on about the latest soap, or what she saw the neighbor buying down the mall. She can talk about these things with her sisters and friends, but as a guy there are certain things you should know about how to listen properly.

When she starts talking to you about something that is obviously bothering her, or maybe it was an experience she found amusing, rather than just grunting and carrying on playing a video game, put whatever you’re doing to one side. Ask questions relating to what she is telling you, then take time listening to her answers.

You don’t need to say much yourself at all. It is the simple act of listening that is important.

The vast majority of women speak a language that may as well be foreign to men. Their conversation is based on emotions rather than logic. A horrible mistake that many men frequently make is that if their partner talks about a problem or something that is bothering her he thinks he has to solve it.

When a women talks about a worrying issue it is not an invitation for you to solve it. She does neither want nor expect you to – she simply would like you to listen.

6. Never Stop Being a Good Catch.

Young women dream about meeting and snagging a fantastic guy who could have any woman he wanted. The day she chose you she considered you to be that guy. Unfortunately, you were probably nearer to this feminine ideal then than you are today. Being in a relationship makes most men lazy. It is important that you never stop being the man she fell in love with.

That does not mean you should begin acting in a desperate or needy way. There is no need to place her above everything else in your life, but do be considerate at all times and always willing to communicate.

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7. Be Romantic.

Unlike men, for a woman to have a satisfying sex life, romance has to come first. For the male species the reverse is true – to experience a sense of romance a man says needs to know satisfying sex with his partner. In other words, For a woman to want to have sex with a man, she needs to have some romance first. For a man to want to be romantic with a woman, he needs to have sex first.

Needless to say this causes a lot of conflict in relationships.

So how can a relationship survive such a dilemma? As a man it is quite easy for you to solve, you need to introduce some romance into your relationship. Doing this is not difficult – background music, chocolate, low lights, a bunch of flowers are all small factors that can ignite romance. Finding romantic things to do is fun not a chore; so give it a try and see how fast your relationship, and as a result your sex life improves.

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