How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back In the Shortest Time Possible

If your ex-boyfriend has left you, it is no wonder that you feel upset. Sadly thousands of people go through this experience every day, and most of us are dumped by somebody we love at least once in our lives. If you still love your ex and you want to get back together you will be thrilled to know there are ways you can achieve this.

Sometimes having a break from each other is not a bad thing. However, you don’t want to allow the split to last too long because he could end up meeting somebody else. If too much time lapses the great memories of the good times you shared together may start fading to the back of his mind. For this reason it is quite important that you start your plan to get him back as soon as possible.

Why did he leave?

During a new relationship, couples are usually on their best behavior and any small shortcomings are happily overlooked. But as time goes on and the first feelings of excitement that you experienced in your new relationship begin to wear off, it becomes easy to take each other for granted. The small minor flaws that were previously ignored are now noticed a lot more, and both partners are likely to reveal part of their characters that they had hidden during the first months of the relationship.  In order to get your ex-boyfriend back, you need to determine how you were acting, and look honestly if this could have been a reason for him to leave. Where you being moody or possessive? Did you nag him if he didn’t act in the way you would have liked 100% of the time?

Great video with some simple tips for getting him back:

Changing yourself is easier than changing him

Trying to change somebody else into the person you want them to be is not often possible, and the fact that you are no longer with your ex makes the task entirely impossible. Therefore rather than trying to change him, you need to look at changing yourself and your ideas about the relationship. If he had some bad habits that annoyed you, you may have complained to him which would most definitely have put him on the defensive. BTW if you think that your boyfriend can’t attract you, feel free to get him The Tao System of Attraction from Joshua Pellicer. You can also read the review for the Badass Book here. Rather than acting in this way you should have taken responsibility for how you are feeling rather than getting annoyed at his minor shortcomings.

Meeting up

In order to get that with your ex you need to meet up with him. Perhaps you have already done what many people do when a relationship ends, and phone or text your ex constantly telling him how much you love him and miss him. Maybe you have driven past his house or workplace several times a day just in the hope of trying to catch a glimpse of him. This is most definitely not the best idea, but even if you have committed this mistake there is still a chance for you to get back together.

Watch this to know how to get him back, great video indeed:

To meet up with him you can call him and ask him if you can meet for coffee for old times’ sake, or frequent the places where you know he hangs out. You should not take the second option unless they are places that you typically also go to – otherwise a very awkward and embarrassing scene could result.

If you decide to call him up, tell him that you agree with his decision to break the relationship off and looking back you realize it was the best thing for you both, but would he like to meet up for a coffee as friends? If you decide to bump into him at one of his frequent haunts, try to make sure you have a friend with you. This makes your being at the venue appear more natural and it will show that you have confidence

Hear and listen while being willing to change

Once you get to meet with your ex, you need to steer the conversation round to why the two of you broke up. Tell him you were very sad when he broke off the relationship and ask him if he minds telling you what he thought went wrong. Let him know you want to learn from your mistakes. You must be very prepared to listen to what he has to say if you want to get back with him. You might not like everything he says, but be ready to take it on board and make changes if necessary. You need to look at the issues that caused you to break up from his perspective, so don’t interrupt him or butt in when he is talking.

Listening to your ex-boyfriend and taking what he says to heart is the first step towards getting him back. In many cases this is the only step that you need to make – when your ex-boyfriend sees you are willing to rebuild the relationship and not commit the same mistakes again, this could be enough to get the relationship back on the right track.

Needless to say, getting somebody who is qualified in the field of relationships such as an experienced counselor can help tremendously. Relationship counselors often have proven plans that have been tried in the past successfully by many couples. Following such a plan with the help of a counselor can help relieve the stress and drama that meeting up with your ex-boyfriend may cause.

Remember that many people who split, end up getting back together again. So hold this positive thought in your mind as you prepare to meet up with your ex, and things are likely to go much better than you would expect.

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