How to Be The Man She Is Looking For

Are you a guy who has difficulties when it comes to dating women? Perhaps you’re a guy who thinks he handles the first date pretty well, only to find the girl is not interested in going out with you a second time?

Needless to say this is a big problem if you are hoping to find a serious relationship. Guys who want commitment from a girl need to know how to get beyond the first date – you have to know how to make a girl want to see you a second time, in order to then go on the third, and fourth dates. Once a girl has been out with you several times you can be pretty sure that you are doing the right thing. If you are struggling in this area, read the tips below as you may be committing one of these sins and turning women off without realizing it.

Here is awesome video with some dating tips for men:

First impressions are extremely important, and even more so on your first date with a new girl you have recently met. Getting this wrong can make or break what could be a wonderful relationship. The way a man takes pride in his appearance says an awful lot about his personality. Therefore, in order to make a good impression on your first date it is vital that you look attractive and also smell good. Lots of guys overlook this as they are used to hanging around with their male pals, who do not notice how they look or if they have bothered to shave.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a girl will have the same outlook as your male friends, as if you turn up looking disheveled and ungroomed it gives the impression that you do not care about how you look or about making an effort when you’re going out with her. Women typically make a very conscious effort to look as good as possible when meeting a guy, and you should return the compliment – at least until you get to know her well and are comfortable in a relationship.

If you are a smoker, you really should consider quitting if you are seriously looking for a committed relationship. Women who do not smoke will not appreciate the smell of cigarettes; neither on you, or on their own hair and clothes. Kissing a guy whose breath smells of a stinking ashtray is not pleasant either. The Book Tao of Badass has great tips regarding getting the girl you want and keep her. If you are a smoker and not quite ready to give up, try to do without a cigarette until your date is over. Alternatively, stick to only asking girls who smoke out on a date.

If you find your conversation dries up throughout the evening and you are stuck for something to say, the best way to keep your date interested is to ask questions and listen. When a guy talks too much about himself it gives the bad impression that he is self-centered and somewhat big-headed. Think of topics that she had likely to be interested in, and when she begins to talk, don not sit there worrying about what you are going to say next, but rather listen to what she is actually saying. This way you will not have to think about how you answer, and the conversation will flow naturally. Confidence and sexual advice will do wonders for your dating life.

Also, remember not to harp on about topics that you may be fanatical about but she probably won’t be interested in; typical guy subjects are football, drinking, and hot women. These are definitely subjects you should avoid when you are out on a first date.

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