Dating Tips for Divorced Men – How to Find New Happiness In Life

Going back to the dating scene after you have been divorced is not easy for most men or women. If you are a guy who has recently divorced, it might be hard to be optimistic, and you assume no woman would be interested in you anymore. Needless to say, there are men who do not have another serious relationship with a woman after they have divorced, but there are many more who go on to find happiness in a new relationship. Your success will largely depend on your attitude, which affects your ability to attract women. BTW you can learn all the advanced dating techniques with a book called The Tao of Badass from Josh Pellicer. Therefore, in order to be successful when it’s in the dating scene after divorce it is important that you have the right mindset.

The following points will help you develop the correct mindset and as a result increase your skills in attracting the opposite sex.

1. Firstly you should consider that divorced men are more attractive to women depending on the age range.

If you are over the age of around 35, and meet a woman of a similar age or younger and tell her that you have never been married, it is quite likely that she will find it a little strange. She might think there is something weird about you and wonder why you have not settled down in the past. If you tell a woman you are divorced she is likely to think this is perfectly normal, as divorce is unfortunately very common these days. Being a divorced male also gives a woman an impression of experience, which is an attractive asset in a man.

2. As a man who has been married, you are typically comfortable when talking to women.

Generally speaking, single guys have a lot more problems talking in a natural way to women than divorced guys. As a divorced man you are used to living with a woman, probably meeting with her female relatives very often, having her friends around the house and generally conversing with a number of women on a daily basis. Many single men are limited in how much contact they have had with women in day-to-day settings, and due to this do not really know what to talk about when in their company.

Anyways here is great dating advice video for you in case you are interested:

3. As a divorced man you need to develop your self-confidence.

Many people lose their self-confidence when they go through a divorce. There is often a lot of mudslinging done during the process of the split and it is no wonder that self-confidence levels plummet. You might also feel disappointed in yourself for not having made a success of the marriage. Before hitting the dating scene after divorce it is vitally important that you take a look at your self-confidence and concentrate on what you are good at to increase your levels of self-esteem, rather than thinking of yourself as a failure. Unconfident men are not attractive to women so this is not a vibe that you want to give out. There is also great article on dating after divorce on HuffingtonPost as well as PsychologyToday.

Lastly, it is important to  remember that being divorced these days is so common that women will not bat an eyelid or think badly of you. So treat yourself to a smart new wardrobe, and go out to locations where women hang out. Most important of all, have fun!

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